Saturday, 3 December 2011

    Nowadays,university student difficult to find job in our country.That's because manager want more knowledge and exprience from university student.So,they must have good characteristics to be a successful.When them success so they will easily to get job or will be respect by others.There are several characteristics university student should have to be asuccessful.

   Firstly,university student must be good in academic and must realistic in study.In class,student must have done homework,assigment and project when lecturer give them.Also must be always prepare before quizzes,test and tthe most important when final exam.ALways care our oga or cgpa to mantain every semester because it's very important to we want stay in university.Know speak in english with skill is right.

   Secondly,student must be active inn university.As a university we must friendly to others and lecturer.Its easily to we study group or  we can ask with them if we dont know anyone question.We also must active in activity university such as club,sport and many more.If  we active in activity unversity like sports and choose to plays at out in country thats will given extra marks.Its also give our advance if  we find job because manager dont want your know work but not active in sports or anyone.

    Lastly but not least,as a university student we must have a good diciplne.We know the time is gold,so we must know how to use.When we active in any activity university we must know how to use and dont waste time.Our attitude also must be okey in-self and out-self.If we are someone always come to class late so at work,we must change.because thats will cause our manager dont like to we.

   In conclusion,university student is leader and will serve our country.Then,they must have a good characteristics to be a successful.When they have that,they will easily to got job and people will know they are good.